College Costs

Randall University desires to offer sound Christian education as a private institution at the lowest possible cost. To help reduce costs, the University, through the Admissions/Financial Aid Office, provides assistance to any student who may qualify for grants, loans, or scholarships. NOTE: Randall University reserves the right to adjust cost at any time without notice.

Payment for tuition, fees, or books may be made by cash, check, MasterCard, or Visa.

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Tuition, per credit hour (1-11 hours) $475
Tuition, 12-15 hours $5600/semester
Tuition, 16 hours and above $5600 + $320/additional hr.
Senior Citizen Tuition (age 65+) One half credit hour rate
Housing and Meals
Room per semester* (see note below) $1575
Full Board (Meals) per semester $2150
160 Meals per semester $1650
80 Meals per semester** $875
Single meal or additional meal added to meal ticket $11

*Dormitory Residency Requirement: Students under 21 years of age are required to live in the dorms unless commuting from home, married, or a junior.

**Dormitory Resident students are required to purchase at least an 80-meal plan.

Semester Fees
Student Book Fee, per credit hour $35
Audit Fee (Undergraduate), per credit hour $95
Freshmen Fees $275
Independent Study Fee - per credit hour $70
OK Assessment/Tech. Fee - per credit hour $63
Comprehensive Semester Fees:
Full Time Student
Full-Time International Student
Part-Time Student (7-11 hours)
Part-Time Student (1-6 hours)

Connectivity Fee (dorm residents) $280
Late Registration Fee (enrollment after classes begin) $110
Concurrent Enrollment Fee (per class) $100
Lab Fees
Bowling (HPES 1031) TBA
Care & Prevention (HPES 3502) $110
Christian Ministry Seminar (CMIN 3802) varies
Computer Lab Fee (per course) $160
Sports Fee $315
Drama I (DRAM 2113) or Drama II (DRAM 2123) $75
Drama Production (DRAM 1421) $85
Education Clinical Practice $200
First Aid Class $160
Live Text Fee free
Piano (Group) $275
Piano (Private) $380
Racquetball (HPES 1331) TBA
Science Lab Fee $160
Sports Marketing (BUSN 3303) $130
Voice (Group) $275
Voice (Private) $380
Additional Fees
ACT Exam $60
Matriculation Fee (one time application fee) $75
International Student (one time application fee) $50
Graduation Fee (Undergraduate) $120
Graduation Fee (Graduate) $175
Transcript Fee (after the first one which is free) $10
Placement Test Fee (per test) $10
Room/Key Deposit

Refundable at graduation or exit from the College.
(Costs for repair, damages or replacement may be in addition to this fee.)