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Success Rates

Institutional Changes 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Period Average
Graduation/Program Completion Rates*
National avg. approx. 43%
62% 39% 51% 46% 33% 52% 48%
Transfer Out Rates 20% 33% 19% 22% 28% 17% 28%
Retention Rates
(from fall to next fall)
62% 44% 45% 68% 30% 36% 56%


Randall University 2017-2018 Retention Rates, Graduation Rates, and Completion Rates

 2017-2018 Retention RatesFall 2012 Cohort Grad Rate
Associate Program29%25%
Undergraduate Program59%20%
Graduate Program93%No first-time students

Randall University 2018 Graduate Placement Rate

RU 2018 graduate placement rate = 92%

(15% of those graduate placements are in graduate school)


Randall University is a faith based institution with a long standing tradition among its supporting church constituents and alumni of sending students for at least their first year in college to Randall. After completing basic general education courses and receiving Christian training many students transfer to another institution to complete their education, the most common being The University of Oklahoma in neighboring Norman, Oklahoma.

Randall University has a limited number of majors leading to a bachelor’s degree; a student may be required to transfer to another institution in order to complete his or her chosen major. It is recommended that the student work closely with an academic advisor and the institution to which the student wishes to transfer, in order to assure a smooth transition.
The completion and graduation rates for certificates, associate degrees, and bachelor degrees are measured at 150% of the expected time for completion (bachelor degree rate is 6 years from the first enrollment).

NOTE: This report is compiled from the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (annual IPEDS Data Feedback Reports) published by the National Center for Educational Statistics.

Education Licensure Exam Success Rates

Oklahoma General Education Test (OGET) 

2016-2017 Academic Year - 100% Pass Rate

2017-2018 Academic Year - 66% Pass Rate 

2018-2019 Academic Year - 44 % Pass Rate 

Oklahoma Subject Area Test (OSAT)

2016-2017 Academic Year - 100%  Pass Rate

2017-2018 Academic Year - 100% Pass Rate

2018-2019 Academic Year - 100% Pass Rate 

Oklahoma Professional Teaching Examination (OPTE)

2017-2018 Academic Year - 100% Pass Rate