CAAP Scores – Randall University

CAAP Scores

Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency (CAAP)

Comparison Chart: Randall's average scores vs. average two-year public, two-year private, four-year public, and four-year private institutions.

Randall Objective: The average scores for the sophomore student are to stay within one standard deviation of the norm (mean) of the comparative institutions above. (Standard deviations for each CAAP subtest can be found on the ACT/CAAP website.)

The Institution has collected 25 years of data from the ACT/CAAP test for the purpose of evaluating the institutions general education program. This data has included a comparison between RU students and two-year private institutions, two-year public institutions, four-year private institutions and four-year public institutions. The CAAP was retired in January of 2018 and the last national norms that ACT calculated were in 2016. The Institution continued to use the CAAP in 2017 but had to compare RU scores to previous norms. In 2018, the Institution used the ACT alternative to the CAAP which was Work Keys (this data is on file in the Director of Assessment's Office).

During the Spring semester of 2019, Randall University administered the Educational Training Services (ETS) online standardized test, the . ETS provides national norms for each test administered by the institution. The Institution's sophomore scores and national norms from ETS will be posted annually on the RU website just like the CAAP scores from the past 25 years.

Sophomore Testing (ETS) | Spring 2019

In the Spring of 2019, 24 Randall University sophomores were administered the ETS (Educational Testing Services/Heighten Test) for sophomore testing. Students were tested in the areas of:

  1. Quantitative Literacy = 66.6% 0f RU sophomores scored in the Proficient Category (33.3% scored in the developing category)
  2. Written Communication - 50% scored in the Proficient category (50% in the developing category))
  3. Critical Thinking - 65.2% of RU sophomores scored in the developing range, 21.8%of RU sophomores scored in the Proficient category, 13% of RU sophomores scored in the Advanced Range  
Quantitative Literacy (Nat. Mean = 164)Randall University Scores
Developing Range Scores = 150-156 66.6%
Proficient Range Scores = 157-170 33.3%
Advanced Range Scores = 171-180 0%
Written Communication (Nat. Mean = 164.8Randall University Scores
Developing Range Scores = 150-160 50%
Proficient Range Scores = 161-171 50%
Advanced Range Scores = 172-180 0%
Critical Thinking (Nat. Mean = 163.3)Randall University Scores
Developing Range Scores = 150-161 65.2%
Proficient Range Scores = 162-17221.8%
Advanced Range Scores = 173-180 13%