Teacher Education

Teacher Education

Randall's Teacher Education Program offers three areas of study from which students can choose. Explore all the options to see which is best for you!

What does Randall's Teacher Education Degree have to offer?

Randall University is committed to developing students to become teachers in elementary and secondary schools.  Randall graduates receive a holistic liberal arts education that prepares them intellectually, morally, socially, and spiritually for both the public school and private school classrooms.  Our graduates emerge ready for licensure and certification in Oklahoma elementary and secondary classrooms.

Opportunities with a Teacher Education Degree:

Graduates of the Randall University School of Education are recommended for licensure in Oklahoma.  Specific Bachelor of Science in Teacher Education specializations include Elementary Education, Secondary Mathematics, Secondary Social Studies, and Secondary Biology.  Degrees and licensure for Secondary English and Secondary Business are available through alternative certification routes.

Does licensure transfer to other states?

This is a great question! Each state has their own professional licensure requirements. In accordance with Federal Regulation 34 C.F.R. §668.43(a)(5)(v), RU has complied a list of state requirements. Students are advised to review this list and contact advisors within the RU School of Education for additional questions.

Preparation for Professional Licensure

Program Details

The School of Education is accredited through the State of Oklahoma Department of Education.   Randall is nationally accredited through the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools.  The School of Education is also seeking further accreditation through the Association of Christian Schools International/Higher Education Accreditation Program.  Completion of this accreditation will mean that Randall School of Education Graduates are certified to teach in both public and Christian school settings.

The Randall School of Education provides Oklahoma Education Quality and Accountability approved courses for alternative teacher certification pathways in both online and face-to-face formats. As of June 17, 2015, Randall's Teacher Education Degree Program is now accredited for teacher certification by the Office of Educational Quality and Accountability (OEQA).

Click here to view performance data on RU Teacher Education graduates.

Find Out More:

Contact: Michael Harris
Director of Teacher Education
Phone - 405-912-9016
Email - mharris@ru.edu

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