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What Does Randall's Theology Degree have to offer?

The theology program is designed to provide Christian workers with the most extensive preparation available at the undergraduate level. It emphasizes the study of the classical disciplines such as language arts, humanities, and the natural sciences. It also includes professional preparation in Biblical interpretation, Biblical languages, Theology, Church History, Hermeneutics, and Homiletics.

The primary goal of this program is to produce men and women who understand the Christian faith and are able to share that faith in a contemporary context. It seeks to prepare students spiritually, emotionally, and academically to meet the challenges of serving Christ in the twenty-first century. This program of study prepares the student for entrance into pastoral ministry or for further studies in seminaries or graduate schools of religion.

Opportunities with a Theology Degree:

A degree in Theology from Randall equips each student to either continue their education or application in an immediate vocation. Those who graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Theology are adequately trained to pursue further studies at a graduate school or seminary. With a Theology degree from Randall, a graduate will be prepared for a career in pastoral ministry, as a seminary/college professor, cross-cultural leader or chaplain.

Program Degree

The Theology specialization provides general theological and ministry education for Christians preparing for entrance into graduate school or seminary and vocational ministry for the advancement of God’s Kingdom.  The general objectives of this degree are as follows:

The student who completes this program will be able to:

  • Utilize sound methods of biblical interpretation
  • Compare and contrast the major schools of theological thought
  • Demonstrate the original language skills necessary for the study of theology
  • Demonstrate critical thinking and effective oral and written communication skills necessary for the study of theology

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