History Degree Program

What does Randall's History Degree have to offer?

Students will gain practical insight by studying social, economic, and governmental threads throughout history and comparing and contrasting them with civilization today. Studying key historical figures and events will equip students with analytical and interpretive skills needed to solve contemporary problems.

The history program is developed within the overall mission of Randall University, with the idea of presenting an accurate understanding of the past from a Christian worldview. Students will learn to interpret the past in order to understand today’s events within that worldview.

Opportunities with a History Degree

With the skills to collect, comprehend, and categorize data, students will be prepared for a variety of career options.

  • Admission into graduate school
  • Teaching (Additional courses will be necessary for students seeking Alternative Certification with the State of Oklahoma).
  • Advanced Research
  • Law school
  • Working for government agencies
  • Many other fields in which a working knowledge of history would prepare one to be successful

The Bachelor of Arts in History in Randall was started in 2022. As part of our program, we will advise and assist you in finding a career that will be both satisfying and fruitful to you, and in promoting the mission of Randall University.

Program Details

Upon completion of the program, the student will be able to demonstrate the following:

  • Apply a biblical worldview to the study of history;
  • Identify major historical periods, ideas, people and events;
  • Interpret and evaluate critical issues in history;
  • Conduct independent historical research, using the scientific method, and produce clear and compelling analysis;
  • The student will exhibit effective communication skills through class projects and presentations; and
  • Explain the unique nature of the founding of America.

Find Out More:

Contact History Program Director
Steve Byas
Phone: 405-912-9009
Email: sbyas@ru.edu