Online Degree Programs

Are you a working adult looking to study while keeping your day job?

We understand that life is complex and busy. We also understand that a Bachelors or Graduate degree can put you on a different plane as you pursue your life dreams. We want to be part of that pursuit.

If you are a working adult (age 21 or older) who is interested in taking college classes or earning a college degree in a non-traditional fashion, then Randall’s Professional Studies Programs are for you! These programs are targeted toward adult students like you and are designed to work with you and make acquiring these new degrees as smooth as possible. The work will be tough. It will take time and discipline to succeed in a quality academic program, but we will be with you along the way!

Details about our Undergraduate Professional Studies Programs can be found in the sidebar. For more information about our Graduate Programs, click here.

Schedule of Courses

New courses begin every five weeks. Here is our current schedule:

Schedule - PS - FA2021 - Final

Download this schedule here.

For More Information

If you have further questions about our Professional Studies programs, please contact:

DeAnna Rinehart
Director of Online Learning