A Word From Our President

Since 1959, our students have discovered the strength of a value added higher education. Our distinctly Christian commitment to the pursuit of truth, the development of the whole person, and the worthiness of Christian service provides both the foundation and the future focus of Randall University.

In fact, we are able to offer several advantages to you because of our well trained and highly committed faculty and staff. Personalized instruction and a sense of identity can be yours without sacrificing the quality of education. In addition, there are numerous opportunities for campus involvement and leadership development.

We make no apologies for what we are. We believe that there is a place on our campus for those who are seeking a higher education in a Christian context.

Thank you for considering Randall University. The choice of a college is among the most important choices you will make. Give us an opportunity to tell you what Randall can do for you.  My vision for this university is:

That Randall University be a learning community of faith serving Christ with integrity, showing respect without exception, and shouldering responsibility without excuse.

I believe that our people, principles, and programs contribute to equipping men and women to make a difference for Christ, His Church, and the community.

Join us if you choose,

Timothy W. Eaton, Ph.D.

Timothy W. Eaton, Ph.D.
President, Randall University

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