Associate in Arts

What does Randall's Associate in Arts Degree have to offer?

For students who desire to pursue higher education but are undecided on a degree, the Associate in Arts is a great option. This degree is designed to provide a broad general education with a Christian studies core. Students complete basic general education courses while exploring the following areas of study through elective courses: ministry, business, education, psychology, and exercise science.


Opportunities with an Associate in Arts degree:

An Associate in Arts degree from Randall University provides the foundational knowledge that leads to increased job options and salary potential. Students are prepared for career opportunities in public service and many entry-level, corporate positions.  With an Associate, students may also choose to work towards a bachelor's degree at Randall. Students who plan to transfer to another institution to pursue degrees not offered at Randall should inform the faculty advisor of the institution or degree. This allows the advisor to help facilitate transfer and tailor the program to the student's goals.


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