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What does Randall's Youth and Family Ministry Degree offer?

For men and women who have answered the call to Youth Ministry, Randall offers the Bachelor of Arts in Youth Ministry as an educational degree to prepare each student to serve God in a local church. Courses, such as Administration of Youth Ministries, Homiletics, Introduction to Christian Ministries, and Foundation of Teaching and Preaching, prepare each student to be effective ministry leaders among children and youth. Instructors are interested in equipping each youth minister with the capabilities to meet the cultural, emotional, spiritual, and relational challenges of serving in the 21st-century world. Furthermore, required youth ministry internships allow each student direct experience under the mentor of a pastor from a local church.

Opportunities with a Youth and Family Ministry degree:

A student who graduates with a Youth Ministry degree will be equipped to continue their education in a seminary or university, concerning religious studies, ministry, or other vocational interests. Also, this degree enables a graduate to go directly into the children's and/or youth ministry of a local church.

Program Details

The Youth and Family Ministry specialization exists for the purpose of providing general, theological, and ministry education for Christians preparing for various types of youth and family ministry.

The student who completes this program will be able to:

  • Demonstrate spiritual maturity, character, and sound judgment in ministering to youth and their families in a local church
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the foundational teachings of the Christian faith including sound methods of biblical interpretation
  • Plan, develop, and organize effective youth and family ministry programs in a local church context
  • Analyze and evaluate current models of youth and family ministry implemented in local churches
  • Assist the youth of a local church to develop and defend a biblical worldview

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