Master of Arts in Ministry

The Master of Arts in Ministry program is designed to prepare students for effective service in local churches as pastors, associate pastors, Christian Education directors, and other Christian ministry leadership positions. This is an advanced degree for those who have grown in their professions to the point that they require training beyond the undergraduate level to make a greater ministry impact or increase effectiveness in their careers.

The program includes courses in Biblical studies, Christian ministries, strategic planning, apologetics, hermeneutics, theology, preaching and other disciplines necessary for Christian service. Each course includes appropriate reading, writing, and critical thinking components.

Program Goals

The Master of Arts in Ministry program is designed to

  1. Prepare students for effective service in local churches (as pastors, associate pastors, Christian education directors, etc.) and leadership positions in businesses, parachurch organizations, mission agencies, and non-government organizations (NGOs).
  2. Enhance knowledge and expertise in Bible (study and interpretation), theology (doctrine, philosophy, apologetics), and Christian ministry (homiletics, pastoral care, homiletics, evangelism, discipling, spiritual direction); i.e. anything necessary for Christian service.
  3. Include appropriate and adequate reading material, integrational writing assignments, and critical thinking assignments.

Program Benefits

Graduate students will gain:

  1. Access to tools that will better equip you for ministry while performing ministry and identifying and enhancing ministry specialties
  2. An opportunity to develop and articulate a philosophy of ministry that integrates your calling with your personal responsibilities.
  3. A learning community of committed, experienced instructors who live out their own ministry goals and share those experiences in the coursework
  4. A venue for completing an advanced degree without relocation
  5. Access to a network of lifelong learners who will encourage one another through future ministry challenges
  6. An orientation to relate cross-culturally in a variety of ministry or professional situations for evangelism, discipleship, and being salt and light.

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For more information about the Master of Arts in Ministry Program, please contact Chancellor Timothy Eaton at or (405) 912-9456.