Christian Ministry

What Randall's Christian Ministry Degree has to offer:

The Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry combines general education, biblical and practical theology, philosophical studies, and experiential learning in order to prepare the student for opportunities in various Christian Ministry fields.  Alongside the core requirements, students are free to choose from a variety of ministry specializations directed towards their calling or interest.

Opportunities with a Christian Ministry Degree:

Each emphasis of this degree provides its own unique opportunities. Click on the links below to learn more about each of these program emphases:

Pastoral ministry, seminary/college professors, cross-cultural leaders.

Pastoral Ministry
Senior pastorate and/or church staff positions, cross-cultural leaders, para-church leadership positions.

Youth and Family Ministry
Youth/children ministry positions in local churches, youth camp directors, para-church leadership positions, YMCA/Daycare/Boys & Girls Club positions.

With a focus in any one of these areas, graduates will be equipped and prepared to serve in a variety of capacities as leaders and servants in their respective fields. Every Randall University student will take 47–50 credit hours of general education as part of the 122–25 minimum credit hours required for graduation in their program of study. General education classes span a variety of disciplines, including English, math, science, history, communications, fine arts, and physical education. All of these degrees require meeting a Computer Science Competency. Ministry and Business requires a Foreign Language Competency. Many of the degree programs feature internships and practical experience. All degree programs require a Capstone course. See the College Catalog for specific course requirements.

General Objectives:

The student who completes this program will be able to:

  • Interpret, defend, and articulate the foundational teachings of the Christian faith
  • Apply sound methods of biblical interpretation in preaching and teaching
  • Plan and develop effective programs of ministry in a local church context
  • Analyze and evaluate effective models of Christian leadership in a ministry context
  • Demonstrate professional skill in addressing the religious, social, and cultural needs of the members of a local church

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