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Ministry and Leadership Program: Professional Studies Specialization

What Randall’s Ministry and Leadership Program has to offer:

The Ministry and Leadership Program, a Professional Studies emphasis of our Christian Ministry Degree Program, is designed to provide students with a biblical and theological foundation that is applicable to the various ministry roles in the local church context. This program seeks to prepare students spiritually, emotionally, relationally, culturally, and academically to meet the challenges of serving Christ in the modern world. Students will have an awareness of ministry issues, leadership principles, and practical strategies to assist them in fruitful ministry. Students must be 21 years of age before entering the program. The intent is to allow students to complete the degree program in the context of their adult professional and personal live with courses fully online.


Opportunities with a Business Leadership degree:

A student who graduates with the Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry—Ministry and Leadership degree will be equipped to continue their education at a seminary or university or go directly into their ministry field. A graduate may find a career in senior pastorate and/or church staff positions, as cross-cultural leaders, program directors, or in para-church leadership positions.

Program Details

The Christian Ministry—Ministry and Leadership program prepares students to lead in a variety of ministry roles with a biblical and theological foundation. In addition to the bible and theology core, students are taught ministry skills in teaching, preaching, discipleship, and evangelism. This program also develops planning, managing, and organizational practices for the variety of ministries within the local church, such as youth and family, worship, and educational ministry.

The student who completes this program will be able to:

  • Demonstrate spiritual maturity, character, and sound judgment in leading a local church context
  • Compose and present sermons and lessons that demonstrate appropriate theological content and sound methods of biblical interpretation
  • Demonstrate essential ministry skills through the integration of biblical and theological knowledge in discipleship strategies, evangelism, counseling, and leadership principles
  • Organize and manage effectively the administrative structure of a local church

For more information:

DeAnna Rinehart
Director of Online Learning