Dr. Thomas L Marberry Christian Ministry Scholarship

The Dr. Thomas L. Marberry Christian Ministry Full Tuition Scholarship

The training of ministers and missionaries has always been an important part of the mission of Randall University. Many such students need your help to make this training a reality. We are pleased to offer the Dr. Thomas L. Marberry Christian Ministry Scholarship, an up to full tuition scholarshipto eligible Christian Ministry majors. The scholarship covers up to the cost of a student's tuition (additional costs of books, fees, etc. not included) and is currently valued at over $40,000 over the course of a degree program. This scholarship has very specific criteria and requirements that must be considered. Please contact the Financial Aid Office with any questions you might have.


This scholarship is awarded to undergraduate students enrolled in the School of Christian Ministry who meet the following qualifications:

  1. This scholarship is exclusive to all other scholarships at Randall and is not stackable with other institutional scholarships. It does not include books, fees, room, or board.
  2. Students must maintain no less than a 3.0 GPA to continue to be eligible for the scholarship.
  3. Students must continue in the School of Christian Ministry in order to be eligible for the scholarship (this does not include Multidisciplinary degrees).
  4. Recipients who do not continue in the School of Christian Ministry are not eligible for other institutional scholarships after the add/drop date in the term following completing 60 hours.
  5. This scholarship will be posted after all state and federal aid and/or VA or other educational benefits (including any scholarships) and will be reduced so that a student does not receive a refund (Loans will be excluded from this reduction process. Students will receive refunds created by and only by loans.)
  6. Recipients will be required to represent Randall in five non-stipend ministry events for each semester of enrollment (must be approved and assigned by the Academic Dean of Randall University).
  7. Recipients’ pastor must complete and sign the Student in Ministry Verification Form each year.

Dr. Thomas L. Marberry

In 2019, this scholarship was renamed the Dr. Thomas L. Marberry Christian Ministry Scholarship, in recognition of the lasting impact and demonstrated excellence in teaching of Dr. Marberry, who has taught in Randall's School of Christian Ministry for over 30 years.

In 1966, Dr. Marberry accepted Christ in the Fellowship Free Will Baptist Church of Bryan. He attended Oklahoma Bible College (now Randall University), Baylor University, and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He earned a Ph.D. in Religion with a New Testament concentration from Baylor University. He answered the call to preach while a student at Randall and had over 24 years of experience in pastoral ministry.

Dr. Marberry served as Vice President for Academic Affairs at Hillsdale Free Will Baptist College (now Randall University) from 1983-1989 and 2008-2013. At the end of his time at Randall he served as Distinguished Professor of New Testament. During his years at Randall, Dr. Marberry taught courses in Greek, theology, church history, and other subjects. His third commentary (Gospel of Luke) was published by Randall House Publications in 2019. He has also written a number of articles and book reviews that have been published in Free Will Baptist publications.

Dr. Marberry and his wife, Wilma, were members of the First Free Will Baptist Church of Oklahoma City, where he served as pastor while teaching at Randall. He was also very involved in the Hispanic ministry both in the local church and at the denominational level. For nine years, Dr. Marberry served as president of El Seminario Biblico La Cruz in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico.  

Dr. Marberry's impact on students over the decades cannot be overestimated, and it is with great appreciation that we honor him with renaming of this scholarship.

For More Information:

Contact the Financial Aid Office at 405-912-9006 or financial-aid@ru.edu.