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We know that you may have many questions as you consider traveling abroad for your college studies. Please don't hesitate to contact us, if we can be of help. You may request further information to the right or contact an Admissions Representative directly at It would be our pleasure to help you!


Required Application Documents

You will need to submit the following documents to apply to be a student at Randall University. Several of these forms can be found below.

  • Application for Admission: Complete the International Student Application for Admission online and pay the $42.00 application fee at the time the application is submitted online.
  • Official Transcript(s): Official transcript of completed secondary school with notarized translations if not in English. Official transcripts of all university work completed also with notarized translations are required. If completed outside of the U.S. both High School and College transcripts must be translated into English and evaluated by an approved credential evaluation service. These services can be located on the Web at:, or
  • English Proficiency: If English is not the student’s native language or they have not attended an English-speaking school for at least one year, they are required to show proof of English proficiency from any English proficiency exam, or submit a transcript from an English Language School showing English proficiency has been attained.
  • ACT/SAT Scores: ACT or SAT score report. If student is under 21 years or is transferring less than 24 hours from another post-secondary institution, the ACT/SAT is required. The ACT/SAT is not required if the student is over 21 years of age or if they are transferring in 24 or more transfer hours. Please do not submit copies. Arrange to have their ACT/SAT scores sent directly to us from the testing center. Our ACT school code is 3413. Our SAT school code is 0927. If your country does not offer the ACT and/or SAT, please email for more information.
  • Affidavit of Support: Affidavit of Financial Support and a statement from a bank that indicates the availability of the equivalent to $28,000.00 U.S. dollars for the student to attend school for at least one year is required. The affidavit is to be signed by the person verifying the bank statement and is willing and able to provide the student with financial support to cover their education and living expenses while in the U.S.
  • References: Applicants must submit 2 references. References must be someone that has known the applicant for at least two years and is not a family member like a mentor, teacher, counselor college professor, employer, Pastor or other church staff
    member. Reference must be someone who can speak on the applicants character. Reference forms can be completed online. References must be in English.
  • Copy of Passport and Visa: A copy of the page (or pages) of the student’s passport that indicates their complete name, country of citizenship, passport number, and passport expiration date is required before admission. A copy of the Visa must be submitted before admission for students transferring from a U.S. school, and on or before the first day of school for new freshman and all others.
  • Proof of Health Insurance: Student must be able to show proof of health insurance either on or before the first day of school.
  • Payment of Charges: Payment of charges is expected on or before the first day of school. Contact the Bursars office at 405-912-9014 or by email at to schedule a payment or to set up a Tuition Management Plan (TMP).

*If transferring from an American college or university, you must also provide your current I-20, I-94, and transfer paperwork.
**After all required documents are received and evaluated an “I-20” will be processed if the student is admitted.


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