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Fall Enrollment Update

For the fall 2023 semester a total of 293 students are enrolled at Randall University. This number represents a 13% increase from the 275 students that were enrolled last fall semester.

These numbers include 263 undergraduate degree-seeking students, 35 online students at the Moore campus, 39 students at the El Camino, California teaching site, 16 dual enrollment students, 92 residents, and 16 graduate students. Full-time equivalency (FTE) is at 242 students. Randall continues to have a significant international student ministry as 31 International Students comprising 10 countries are represented.

“We are currently enjoying our largest incoming freshmen class, since COVID-19,” said Dr. Brent Sykes, Academic Dean. He continued, “The energy on campus is palatable and our administrators, faculty, and staff have a renewed energy as a result of God’s provision of students. We are now focusing on retention by presenting the Gospel through mentoring and community-living so that we can impact and transform students’ academic experiences at Randall.”

Please continue to pray for the work that God is doing through Randall University. If you have a student that you would like to see come to Randall, please encourage them to visit