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Brown Announces the Release of “One Day at a Time”


Tucker Brown, a sophomore business student at Randall University, released his first book in July 2023, titled “One Day at a Time.”

“One Day at a Time” is a children’s book aimed at the value of building relationships both for the family and community.  Ideal for ages 3-10, the book has relatable characters and events that engage children in lessons of self-confidence, perseverance, and direction.

With an upbringing in a small Oklahoma community, Brown aims to help others by sharing his ideas and passions through the gift of storytelling.  In a recent interview, Brown emphasized, “Today, kids are growing up in a world that is really chaotic and really troubling.  Then we add the challenges of social media and platforms that their brains can’t handle, and most have to grow up on their own.  The book is written from the adult perspective to give the kids the right message with the right structure and strengthen the relationship.”


“A wonderful and encouraging work.  This book has helped me teach my child that by taking things step by step, he can overcome and achieve.”—Ashely Carlisle.


“I could see the love my child felt from me reading this book.  It has really helped us through some rough times”—Daniel Cordon.


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