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Technology Update – Project Completed

“We have now fully entered the 21st century,” said Quentin Loop, Director of Information Technology at Randall University.

Over the last few months, the Administrative Team of Randall University has worked hard in raising support to update the technology in all of our classrooms. While navigating the unknown course of COVID-19, we diligently prepared ourselves for whatever might lie ahead—especially the threat possibility of online-only learning.

After not returning to campus following Spring Break, we received a taste of what online-only learning looks like. Our faculty and students did well to adjust in a short amount of time, but it was difficult to provide the usual benefits that we are known for: close student-teacher relationships, one-on-one assistance, and class discussions.

Moving towards the Fall semester, it was uncertain if we could return to classes like normal. And if we were to return, how long we would be able to stay. It was clear that we must better prepare ourselves by equipping our classrooms with new cameras, microphones, televisions and projectors. The cost of a project this size totaled over $20,000.

Naturally, we turned to our churches for help. During the month of July, we sent a letter to the churches of Oklahoma, asking pastors to present our need and respond as they were able. At this time, gifts have exceeded $25,000 and each of our 10 classrooms have their new hardware and software installed.

President Thompson correctly stated, “Although many churches were forced to temporarily close their doors, the hearts of the people remained open to the needs of Randall University. God is good, and His people are faithful.”

The Randall family wishes to express our deepest gratitude to Mr. Loop for leading this initiative and working hard to equip each classroom before classes started on August 13.