Once and Again Society

Randall's Once and Again Society is a remarkable group of Randall friends who are committed to giving financially on a monthly basis in support of the University . . . thus becoming active partners with us in equipping students to make a difference.

Similar to how the Apostle Paul received a mission from Christ to spread the gospel, we have a mission to train our students for faithful service to Christ in their communities and His Church. When facing the ups and downs of ministry, it is interesting to see how Paul makes special mention of his faithful group of supporters:

For even in Thessalonica ye sent once and again unto my necessity.
(Philippians 4:16)

Our mission is not only being fulfilled by our administration, faculty, staff, and students, but also through the continuous support of the members of our Once and Again Society. These are people who believe in our mission, and want to see Randall University succeed.

Would you consider joining this group of faithful supporters and becoming a member of the Once and Again Society?