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Why Randall? Engage!

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The mission of Randall University is to “make a difference for Christ, His church, and our community.” As an institution committed to a distinctively Christian education, we desire to not only train and prepare students academically, but also to empower them to use their gifts, talents, and education to serve a broken world that needs the light of Christ.

This spring, we introduced a new community engagement ministry, aptly called, "Engage." Engage is an intentional avenue to accomplish the mission of the university. The name itself is a call to action, and it’s an invitation to invest in three layers of relationships: growing in our relationship with God, connecting in intentional, Christ-like relationships within the Randall community, and serving the needs of the greater community.

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In each of these relationships, we encourage each person to fully engage—to take that relationship to the next level. Engage is a ministry that involves the entire campus body—students, staff, and faculty alike.

During the Spring 2019 semester, as part of Engage, we implemented new service-learning opportunities in conjunction with our chapel program. The vision for these opportunities is to demonstrate how both service and learning should go hand and hand. While serving others is considered to be an essential aspect of the Christian life, we don’t often take the time to stop and reflect on how these experiences impact our beliefs, values, biases, relationships, etc. Without such reflection, it is likely we won’t glean all we can from these experiences.

This is the purpose of intentional service-learning experiences. Our campus is positioned in a great location where we have the opportunity to serve the college town of Norman next door, the family community of Moore, and the heart of Oklahoma City. Engage partners with community organizations to assist with a variety of projects. Each student who participates in a service-learning experience then reflects on how this experience influenced their growing in Christ, connecting with others, and serving all people.

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Ready to Engage?

See photos and stories from our recent service-learning opportunities, learn more about our community partnerships, and consider how you might be involved.