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Serving through Prayer

On October 13, 2019, a group of Randall University students had the privilege of participating in the Oklahoma PrayerFest together with believers from different denominations, ethnicities, backgrounds, and ages across Oklahoma City. The group prayed together and declared the glory of God over the various spheres of influence in our city and state (church, family, education, business, government, media, arts, and entertainment). Here is one student's reflection on this experience . . .

OK Prayer Fest 2019

Worship and Prayer

Throughout the PrayerFest, there was worship music provided. About an hour into the gathering, I looked around at my surroundings and saw my peers, classmates, and strangers in awe of Jesus, indulging in the freedom to worship however they saw fit. They were not held back by the fear of what others might think, but instead only focused on what they could offer God. There was also a moment of prayer when they asked us to get into small groups. During that we were able to pray for our state together and join in taking action. This setting allowed for God to show me more of His character, by reminding me that He is not confined to the boxes in which I put Him.

When You Don't Feel Like It

This season of life has been incredibly difficult for me personally. There have been many times when I have had to lean into my head knowledge and the reading of Scripture to remind myself that God is trustworthy, even if in my flesh I am forgetful of that. I am still deeply in love with the richness of Jesus and committed to knowing Him more fully despite the pain. It was initially challenging to open my heart to what the Holy Spirit had in store for that time. I wanted to stay stiff-necked and stubborn instead of allowing the Spirit to do what only He can. It took prayer and the surrender of my feelings to be in a position of worship. In the end, the experience became a refreshing breath of air for my lungs.

Serving through Prayer

Since this event was centered around prayer, it did not physically involve serving people. In my mind, community service has always been a manual labor event or project. However, serving our community and state through prayer in specific areas was encouraging. It was helpful to be reminded that others truly care about Oklahoma and its heritage. Seeing intentional prayer as a meaningful aspect of community service enabled me to realized that it's a service I can join in at any moment. 

Vivian Roberts

This article was contributed by Vivian Roberts, a sophomore Exercise Science major at Randall, who participated in this event as part of our community engagement ministry, Engage.