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Randall University Announces New Director of Teacher Education

Brent Sykes, Academic Dean, is excited to announce Michael Harris as the new Director of Teacher Education at Randall University.

Mr. Harris has a varied career that will serve him well in serving students and helping achieve our institutional mission of equipping students for the local church and community. Michael has over 20 years of military experience in the Air Force as an officer. He also has 10 years of experience in secondary education as a math teacher, elementary principal, assistant secondary principal, coach, and athletic director. He has taught multiple business courses at Panhandle State University and also served as Dean of Student Affairs.

“Mr. Harris’s resume is impressive and I am confident he will help students understand their call to teach and hold them accountable to professional standards in line with our mission.” - President Robert G. Thompson

“We are very fortunate to have Michael join us at RU. He has accomplished so much in his career and is eager to share this with our teacher education students. I am confident he will be an excellent leader not only for the teacher education program but also among our faculty.” - Dr. Sykes

Michael has obtained both a Masters of Education Administration and a Masters of Human Relations. He is currently a candidate (ABD) for a doctorate in Higher Education Leadership at Liberty University. His dissertation research focuses on factors that contribute to plagiarism among first-generation students.

Mr. Harris and his wife Robyn are active congregants at All Souls Episcopal Church in Oklahoma City. Robyn works as a CPA at Wedel Rahill & Associates. They have two grown sons, Nick and Andrew.