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New Biblical Commentary

Dr. Thomas Marberry, Distinguished Professor of New Testament at Randall University, has recently completed a new biblical commentary on the Gospel of Luke for the twelfth edition of the Randall House Commentary Series. Besides a verse-by-verse study method, Dr. Marberry also provides excellent summaries of passages and application notes for teaching the passages of Luke. This is a valuable resource for ministry leaders, Bible study teachers, and individuals studying Scripture.

Dr. Brent Sykes, Academic Dean at Randall University, said the following:
"Dr. Marberry’s contribution to this collection is a significant piece of scholarship. This work will benefit  laypersons who seek to actively engage in the Word, as well as scholars looking to deepen their knowledge especially in regard to his knowledge of the Greek language."
The book is available on Amazon, or as part of the full series at Randall House, the primary publishing house of the Free Will Baptists.