Public Administration

Public Administration Program: Professional Studies Specialization

What Randall’s Public Administration Program has to offer:

The Public Administration Program, a Professional Studies emphasis of our Business Administration Degree Program has a Christian driven aim to prepare men and women for leadership roles in government and nonprofit organizations. A foundation in Biblical and religious studies helps each student have a further understanding of how Christian values influence political and professional goals. Students receive a robust curriculum in business and public administration, including course studies in accounting, communication, economics, management, and government policy and organization. Students must be 21 years of age before entering the program.  The intent is to allow students to complete the degree program in the context of their adult professional and personal lives with courses fully online.

Opportunities with a Public Administration degree:

The Bachelor of Science with Business Administration—Public Administration degree establishes the ground for a student to continue their pursuit of higher education in law or graduate school. Additionally, students graduating in this program have a wide variety of career opportunities, including police officer, municipal employees, state workers, and nonprofit managers.

Program Details

The Public Administration program instructs the student in public organization procedures and processes necessary for successful management and leadership in such organizations. Students receive biblical and religious studies to prepare them to serve Jesus Christ, to function successfully in public organizations, and/or to perform well in graduate school. Upon completion of this specialization the student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate functional knowledge of government, economics and management
  • Distinguish successful leadership practices
  • Analyze government action at the national, state and local levels
  • Differentiate constructive economic policies at the national and state levels
  • Research, write, and communicate professionally within a public organization

For more information:

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