Online Voice Lessons

Online Voice Lessons

As part of our new Online Worship Studies Specialization, Randall is now offering online voice lessons. This course (APMU 1311-807: Voice for Non-Majors) is private vocal instruction offered completely online for anyone who wants to improve their singing skills.

“Studying voice taught me more than I would have ever expected. I was able to leave with more knowledge—physically, spiritually, and mentally—aside from immensely improving my vocal capabilities.”

Tyler Burke, Worship and Music Studies Major, Randall University; Intern, Southern Oaks Church, Oklahoma City, OK.

“I take voice because of my love for music. Through voice, I have the chance to express my emotions through song, not to mention voice is extremely beneficial to my degree program. This is a great chance to connect with a professor who is very qualified to teach, as well as someone who wants to invest in your life.”

Jon Hill, Sr., Worship and Music Studies Major, Randall University

“I wanted to take the abilities I already had and make them better and more refined. Through voice lessons, I was able to achieve a better tone and skills that will allow me to sing for a lifetime.”

Tyler Dickey, Former Worship and Music Studies Major, Randall University; Guitar Instructor; Worship Ministry Volunteer, Crosspointe Church, Norman, OK.

“The voice classes at Randall really prepared me for the position I now have as Worship Pastor. They challenged my ability and creativity, and pushed me to become the best vocalist I could be. The classes taught me to not live in a specific style but challenged me to learn how to adapt and stretch myself—lessons I use beyond just leading on Sunday morning.”

Josh Sloan, Worship Pastor, Calvary Church, Norman, OK.; Graduate, Randall University, Worship and Music Studies Program.

Want to Enroll?

For those already enrolled in a degree program, simply sign up for APMU 1311-807. For those who are not already enrolled in a course of study, please fill out the application for non-degree seeking students found here. Standard course charges and fees apply.

Note: For those already enrolled in the online Worship Studies Specialization, please note that APMU: 1321-807 (Voice for Music Majors), which increases course level with each semester, is also completely online. 

For More Information

If you have questions, or want to find out more about this exciting new course, please contact Mr. Evan Aldridge at Interested in finding out more about our online Worship Studies specialization? Look here!