MPA Program Details

The MPA program is completely online and is accelerated including up to three courses in a semester. All MPA students are in a cohort group which they continue with throughout the program.
The MPA Program is approximately two years in length, and is designed for working adults.




  • Bachelor degree with GPA of 2.5 or higher (may consider lower GPA under extenuating circumstances)
  • Successfully completed Intermediate Algebra


  • Two letters of recommendation
  • A letter explaining one's career objective and why they believe they can succeed in the program
  • Online Application
  • Official transcripts from bachelors' degree college
  • Official transcript documenting successful completion of Intermediate Algebra or a more advanced math course.

This Graduate Checklist for the MPA Program will be of help to you!

For a Mail-In Application, click here.

Scholarships are available

Graduation Requirements

To graduate with a Master of Public Administration degree
a student must complete the following requirements:

1. Submit in writing their Research Project to the MPA
Program Director.

2. Successfully complete 39 MPA semester hours of
one MPA emphasis track. Satisfactorily complete
every course in the degree with a C or better and
earn a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better. No more
than 6 semester hours will be accepted in transfer
from an accredited institution. Official transcripts will
be evaluated by the MPA Program Director.

3. Complete the MPA Major Field Test.

Visit our Academic Catalog for more detailed program requirements and course listings.


For more information, please contact recruitment ( or 405-912-9011) or our Admissions Office (