MPA Endorsements

What leaders are saying about Randall's MPA Program:

"Individuals seeking advancement into critical public and non-profit positions will have a tremendous advantage with a sound MPA educational background. Agencies and organizations will all benefit if the leaders are equipped and prepared to face future possibilities, as long as the fundamentals of an MPA background are in place. That is why educational programs, like what is being offered through Randall, will benefit future prospective leaders."

Stan Florence, Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation


"As a 20-year public sector employee I can speak about the importance of an MPA degree. It enables a person to learn about organizational structures, governmental management, ethics, public finance, and governance in the public and non-profit sectors. Leadership is a fundamental art and skill in any organization. The emphasis at Randall on this quality as well as the quality of the MPA program will make a graduate fundamentally prepared for their chosen public sector or non-profit career."

Todd Jenson, Parks & Recreation Director, City of Moore


"A great MPA program prepares the graduate to not just thoroughly know the important aspects of public administration management, but to become a great organizational leader. The Masters in Public Administration degree at Randall covers all of the bases, with a focus on leadership and a track emphasis in either non-profit or government. The Randall MPA degree equips great leaders who will impact the culture."

Rick Denny, President & CEO, Jesus House of Oklahoma City


"If you are looking to lead in the nonprofit sector or the public arena, examine the MPA degree at Randall. The MPA degree prepares you to tackle both leadership and management roles to include studying a variety of leadership disciplines like ethics, organizational theory, public finance, research methods, administrative law, public policy and governance. When deciding between an MBA and the MPA, notice the Masters in Public Administration emphasizes a people and organizational centered approach."

Ron Hunter Jr., Executive Director & CEO, Randall House

For More Information:

If you have questions, or would like further information about Randall's MPA Program, please contact the program's director, Dr. Paulette Jones ( or 405-912-9020).