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Teacher Education Program

School of Education Data

Certification Exams

Content knowledge is assessed by the Oklahoma General Education Test (OGET)—required for admission to the School of Education—and the Oklahoma Subject Area Test (OSAT)—required for exit. The average OGET score for all RU students so far accepted is shown below along with the average OSAT score of RU program completers.

Table 1.4 Certification Examination Scores

Average Scores:



267 246

A minimum total score of 240 of a possible 300 is required to pass the OGET and OSAT tests.The average OGET score is 27 points above the 240 required to pass. While, the average OSAT is lower, it is still 6 points above the cut-off score showing competency of the RU candidates.


First-Year Employer Surveys

First year surveys were sent to completers and their principals. The survey addresses the following competencies: knowledge, planning/organization skills, instructional skills, classroom management skills, academic and professional excellence. The survey uses a scale of 1-3. The results show the overall teacher and employer averages being very close and both rating performance and preparation at least at the emerging competence level.

Table 1.7 - 2015-16 First Year Survey Results

Completer Teacher Average Principal Average
1 2.6 3.0
2 2.7 2.6
3 3.0 2.9
TOTAL: 2.7 2.8