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What Randall's Ministry and Business Program offers:

The Bachelor of Arts in Ministry and Business degree provides a general education core with business and ministry studies in order to prepare the student for bi-vocational ministry. Students choose an area of ministry (Pastoral, Youth and Family Ministry, or Integrated Ministry) and an area of business (International, Financial, Management and Marketing, or Integrated Business). Courses in Christian studies as well as business—such as accounting, communication, management, and marketing—equip each student for their desired bi-vocational ministry.  Students enrolled in this program have a mentor who work alongside them for success.  Occasional lunch-and-learn sessions help students connect with practical business leaders who have experience in ministry.

Upon completion of the program, the student will be able to:

  • Exhibit proficiency in written and verbal ministry and business communication.
  • Recognize issues dealing with ethical or moral situations.
  • Incorporate management and administrative skills in dealing with staff and the public.
  • Understand the global picture of missions in ministry and business
  • Apply core concepts of religion and business.

Opportunities with a Business and Ministry degree:

Opportunities with a Ministry and Business Degree are plentiful. This degree prepares a student for placement in two different areas; therefore, flexibility and diversity are key factors.

Those with this degree find jobs in a variety of vocations including:

  • banker
  • business owner
  • chaplains
  • clerk
  • executive employees
  • government work
  • journalist
  • real estate
  • social services or social work
  • sports coach
  • teaching
  • volunteer
  • pastoral counseling

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Colossians 3:23