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What Randall's Intercultural Studies Program offers:

The Intercultural Studies Program exists to equip its graduates to effectively respond to and serve men and women of diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds in our global twenty-first century. The program includes studies in general education, philosophy, social sciences, cross-cultural communication, leadership, humanities, and theology. The relationship between ideas learned and practical experience are essential, therefore experiential learning is woven throughout the degree program, with both formal and non-formal active learning opportunities. Emphasis on personal holistic growth and development is intentionally interwoven into the program.

Why enroll in this program? 

Our current geopolitical situation has led to a growing need in academia and the world at large for an Intercultural Studies degree instead of the traditional 'mission' degree. First, for those students wanting to minister in their homeland, the world has come to the United States. Second, easier access to those 'closed' and 'hard to reach' places can be gained by those with an Intercultural Studies degree, rather than the Bible & Mission degrees of days gone by. Opportunities abound for ministry and non-ministry students to find their place of service and work in cross-cultural settings.

Opportunities with an Intercultural Studies degree:

Cross-cultural workers in national and international locations, Traditional church-planting missionaries, Bible Translators, International Aid workers, Inner-City workers with immigrants and refugees, TESOL leaders and workers.

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Jim Harris
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