Psychology Program Details

Psychology Degree Program

Program Details

The Psychology Program provides a general, Bible based education in psychology to prepare students for service in church, entry into the job market, or entry into graduate school.  The general objectives of this degree are as follows:

  • The student will explain their knowledge of key psychological   principles, compare the teachings of the Bible and demonstrate how they are integrated into the helping profession.
  • The student will demonstrate their analytical and critical thinking skills through classroom discussion and written assignments.
  • The student will exhibit effective communication skills through class projects and presentations.
  • The student will gain insight into the scientific method and employ   these research skills in qualitative and quantitative research.
  • The student will practice skills in interpersonal communication and management, while exhibiting empathetic understanding toward individuals with diverse (individual differences) needs. The student will be evaluated by both the on-site supervisor and the on campus instructor.
  • The students will recognize diversity and employ a better understanding of the different learning styles and character traits in various cultural environments.
  • Knowledge in the field of Psychology – The student will demonstrate competencies in the discipline of psychology.

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