Letters Program Details

Letters Degree Program

Program Details

Classical Christian education is devoted to the development and promotion of a comprehensive Christian worldview for the individual. The Letters program seeks to provide a broad general education through the interdisciplinary study of literature, philosophy, and history. The goal is the integration of knowledge and practice to produce effective representatives for Christ and persons of influence in society. This is accomplished by teaching sound Christian thinking, engendering a reasonable faith, cultivating virtuous character, and practicing service in both the local church and the community. A study in Letters prepares students for ministry in the church, entry into the job market, and/or attendance at graduate school. Letters students upon completion of the program will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a broad knowledge of the Western tradition by identifying and explaining significant concepts and theories related to the interdisciplinary study of literature, philosophy, and history.
  • Read and interpret with comprehension, write with clarity and correctness, think logically and critically, and assess and evaluate evidence.
  • Diagnose, analyze, formulate, and solve complex theoretical and practical problems.
  • Explain and defend important moral judgments and ethical decisions for living in and contributing to society.
  • Communicate and argue effectively through written, oral, and visual means.
  • Illustrate proficiency with the English language, including the ability to use appropriate style, grammar, and mechanics in writing and conducting academic research, especially through the planning, organizing, and composing of a senior thesis.
  • Apply the requisite knowledge and skills for service in a local church, contributions to the community, and advanced education in graduate school and/or life-long learning.

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