Sports Management Overview

What Randall's Sports Management Program has to offer:

Some exciting new courses added to our existing Business curriculum give the student a well-rounded education in Sports Management.  The courses are designed to provide sport managers with the knowledge necessary for professional selling, sports facility management, sports fundraising and sponsorships, and planning/operating sport and recreation facilities or events.

Students have an opportunity to experience an internship as the culminating learning experience in their program of study.  Sports management internships help students utilize knowledge gained through their classes, enhance their portfolios, network with sport managers, and take an important step in establishing themselves as practicing sport managers.

Opportunities with a Sports Management Degree:

Opportunities in Sports Management are available to those seeking employment ranging from local fitness clubs, professional team or leagues, professional broadcasting, sports ticketing agencies, management operations, sports entertainment, or human resource management. By excelling in this degree program, one could become a great sports executive who has:

  • a strong sports knowledge,
  • strong communication skills in both oral and written form,
  • proven leadership capability who can organize people, resources, or property, and
  • can work in a fast-paced environment and multi-task effectively.

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