Bible and Theology Minor

The Bible and Theology minor is designed to provide an opportunity for interested students to gain further knowledge and experience in biblical and theological studies.  Students who complete this minor will attain a solid foundation for cultivating a robust Christian world and life view, acquire basic knowledge and experience applicable to various forms of ministry and service, and achieve the preparatory training needed for further studies in these areas.

Required Courses:

Choose 6 hrs from either:

  • Christian Theology (THEO 3303) – 3 hrs*
  • Theology Elective – 3 hrs*


  • Systematic Theology I (THEO 3313) – 3 hrs*
  • Systematic Theology II (THEO 3413) – 3 hrs*

Choose 3 hrs from the following:

  • Christian Ethics (PHIL 1113) – 3 hrs*
  • Church History (HIST 3103) – 3 hrs*

The following courses are required:

  • Biblical Interpretation (BIBL 3013) – 3 hrs*
  • Bible Elective (related to the Old Testament) – 3 hrs*
  • Bible Elective (related to the New Testament) – 3 hrs*

* Note: Excludes theological workshops/seminars from Theology Elective option.

Course Descriptions:

Coming soon…