The Trip

Due to the global Coronavirus outbreak, this trip is currently postponed until further notice.

A team from Randall University, in partnership with Free Will Baptist International Missions and Jungle Kids for Christ, will be serving in Misahualli, Ecuador. The team will be helping with VBS opportunities, ministering to neighboring villages, completing construction projects, and encouraging the church, teachers, and employees of Antioch Christian Academy.

Please click on any of the team member photos to be introduced each student, staff, or faculty member participating in this trip. Each member of our team is required to fundraise and/or pay for their trip at the cost of $2300/person. These funds will not only cover all necessary costs for travel and our time in Ecuador, but will also allow us the privilege of sponsoring one student for a year together as a team.

If you would like to donate directly to a student, you can click on the link to donate directly to their online account. If you would like to donate to the team as a whole, or would like to do so in a different way than an online payment, please contact Lauren Childers, Coordinator of Community Engagement at Randall, at

The Team

Lauren Childers

About Lauren

Lauren is the Coordinator of Community Engagement at Randall University. She graduated from Randall in May of 2018 with a Bachelors degree in Psychology. After graduation, Lauren had the privilege of attending a Discipleship Training School with Youth With a Mission (YWAM) based in Perth, Australia. She had the opportunity to travel the world, learn about missions and injustice issues plaguing our world, and grow deeper in her relationship with God.

In Her Own Words

Why is involvement in missions important? I believe as Christians we have unique callings on our lives, but all Christians are called to spread the gospel. This can be done in many many different ways, and that’s how our personal callings are tied in. Christians should learn how to live lives on mission for Christ whether it be in their hometown, across the states, or across the world.

Why are you participating in this trip? I am excited to co-lead this team because it is a great honor and privilege to be able to pour into students’ lives and help prepare them to effectively serve and learn from this experience.

How can we pray for you and the team? This is the first overseas missions trip for each student on the team, so pray that we would be intentional in our preparation, that God would provide all of the finances needed, and that we would grow together as a tight-knit team on mission for God, not ourselves, before we even step foot in the airport.

Noah Collier

About Noah

Noah Collier is a Secondary Education major from McAlester, OK. In addition to his involvements at Randall University, he also assists with the youth group at Crowder First Baptist Church in Crowder, OK.

In His Own Words

Why are you participating in this trip? To open my eyes to a different world and open my heart to what God has for me.

How do you hope to grow through this experience? I hope to grow closer to God and perhaps see where God would have me serve in ministry.

How can we pray for you and the team? Please pray for spiritual strength for our team and for the people of Ecuador to have their hearts opened to us and to the gospel.

Bob Davis

About Bob

Bob Davis is the Associate Dean of Students at Randall. He previously worked at Oklahoma State University, the University of Oklahoma, and the Oklahoma Marriage Initiative. His short-term missions experience includes a trip to Nantes, France in 2018.

In His Own Words

Why is involvement in missions important? Providing assistance and support to those who are called to the mission field is as important as being called to the mission field.

Why are you participating in this trip? I believe the Lord can use me to be of assistance serving missionaries as well as the native population.

How can we pray for you and the team? Raising support for this trip as well as our second trip back to Nantes, France in April 2020.

Dr. Paulette Jones

About Dr. Jones

Dr. Paulette Jones is the Director of the Master of Public Administration Program at Randall University and directs the university’s annual Management and Ethics Conference. She has previously participated in short-term missions trips to Alcobendas, Spain (2014 and 2016); Valencia, Spain (2017); and Krakow, Poland (2018).

In Her Own Words

Why is involvement in missions important? To undergird the church/school in that location, to practice evangelism, and to learn about different cultures, people, and languages.

Why are you participating in this trip? To help at the Antioch Christian School, improve my Spanish, connect with the team, and help wherever there’s a need.

How can we pray for you and the team? Please pray that we will be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit as well as encouraging and patient with one another. Pray also that we will learn a lot about the people and culture, and be motivated to pray for them in the future.

Traci Morris

About Traci

Traci serves as the Assistant Registrar, Director of International Students, and Bookstore Manager at Randall. She is a member of theGlobal Ministries Team at her church and was previously a missionary to Missionary to Bouake, Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa for four years. Traci has also participated in multiple short-term missions trips to Ecuador, Mexico, Germany, Spain, France, and Arizona.

In Her Own Words

Why is involvement in missions important? We are commanded as Christians to spread His message throughout the world. That means that each and every believer should be involved in spreading the Word in his/her local community and around the world.

Why are you participating in this trip? I have been on trips to Ecuador twice previously. I look forward to being part of the work there again, seeing how much growth has taken place, and working with the students at Antioch Christian Academy. I also want to be part of helping the Randall students experience global ministry and the change it will make in their lives.

How can we pray for you and the team? Pray that my heart and mind will be prepared to give and get as much out of the trip as possible. Pray for my family as I am gone. Pray that I can raise the funds necessary to go.

Kevin Pouncil

About Kevin

Kevin is a sophomore Youth/Family Ministries major from Checotah, Oklahoma. He is the Social Media Director for Randall’s Student Government Association and also provided recruitment assistance for the university on occasion. He attends Calvary Church where he serves on the Media Team.

In His Own Words

Why are you participating in this trip? I want to impact and change lives for the cause of Christ. I also want to experience what Christianity is like outside of America. In addition, I’ve never been outside of the country, let alone on a mission trip, so I’m really excited to live and learn in a culture that is different from my own.

How do you hope to grow through this experience? I hope to grow in my faith, of course. I want to gain a sense of what Christianity is like without walls, lights, and loud music. I also hope to grow in my desire for reaching the lost.

How can we pray for you and the team? Pray that we can bond and grow as a team to be the most effective people we can be. Please pray also that the Lord will provide the finances we need for the trip.

Luke Sherman

About Luke

Luke is from Haysville, Kansas and is a freshman Worship and Music Studies major at Randall. He is a member of Abide, Randall’s traveling musical group, and plays drums at two local churches.

In His Own Words

Why are you participating in this trip? I’ve always wanted to go on a mission trip, but never could because of sports involvements. I no longer play sports and the opportunity is here. Why wouldn’t I go?

How do you hope to grow through this experience? I hope it will allow me to be more appreciative of what I have and show me how blessed I really am.

How can we pray for you and the team? Please pray that we all raise the money needed, that we can grow as a team, that we will be a light to the kids in Ecuador, and for safety as we travel.

Elisa Seabolt

About Elisa

Elisa is a sophomore Worship & Music Studies major from Roland, Oklahoma. She is involved in chapel band and serves as the student leader and member of New Life Singers, a Resident Assistants (RA), and treasurer of the student government association.

In Her Own Words

Why are you participating in this trip? I am participating in this trip simply to help fulfill the Great Commission in a new way. I have been on several mission trips within the United States with my home church as well as a more recent trip to Puerto Rico. However, this mission trip to Ecuador, I believe, will be filled with many new experiences including new people and a new culture. As someone who has been called into ministry, I feel it is important to have my eyes open to new ministry experiences so I am able to love others well and magnify the Father, making His name known.

How do you hope to grow through this experience? I am expecting great spiritual growth throughout the whole process of this trip. I’ve always had a heart for missions and I believe this is an opportunity to further discover and live out God’s perfect will for my life.

How can we pray for you and the team? I would appreciate any and all support, whether that be financially, through physical needs, or possibly even advice/ encouragement from those who may have been on such a mission trip before. Above all, however, I need prayer. I believe prayer is a very powerful gift we’ve been given. I would especially appreciate prayer for my spiritual health. I believe the enemy wants to crush any effort we have to spread the gospel. However, we know that the victory is already won and he has no authority over us! Please pray that in advance for those we will encounter in Ecuador, the hearts of my fellow teammates, and myself, as well as safe travels. Thank you!

Our Partners

Free Will Baptist International Missions

Free Will Baptist International Missions exists to labor with the Body of Christ to fulfill the Great Commission. Although international missions activities under Free Will Baptists date back to 1833, the organization, as it now stands, came into existence only after the formation of the National Association of Free Will Baptists in 1935. Since then, Free Will Baptists have grown and spread out around the world. Over 120 missionaries and affiliates are now serving in more than 20 countries.

Jungle Kids for Christ

Jungle Kids for Christ is an organization passionate about empowering children in the jungle of Ecuador so that they can break the cycle of poverty and abuse and share a message of transformation with their family, community, country, and world. Their mission is to provide an opportunity for these children to choose to be in right relationship with God, through providing education and thus breaking the stronghold of poverty for all future generations.


If you would like to know more about the Ecuador Team and trip, please contact Lauren Childers, Coordinator of Community Engagement, at or 405-912-9040.