What is Engage?

“Engage” is the Community Engagement ministry at Randall University. The word itself is a call to action, and it’s an invitation to invest in three layers of relationships:

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GROW in Christ | Our faith should always start as an inward relationship with God, and then move out from there towards others.

CONNECT with others | Our relationship with God should naturally overflow into rich, Christ-centered relationships with one another.

SERVE all people | Service to the greater community is not optional; our faith should always be moving outward to others.

In each of these relationships, we encourage each person to more fully engage—to take that relationship to the next level. Community engagement at Randall is committed to the academic, spiritual, moral, and physical development of all students. We provide service-learning experiences for the Randall community that foster and encourage learning through reflection and broadening or deepening spiritual maturity.

Learn about our Community Partners

We partner with various organizations across the greater OKC area. Want to join us?

In The News

Find out what we've been doing lately! We provide articles, photos, and videos of our volunteer experiences.

Upcoming Opportunities


These unique opportunities are established by the Community Engagement Coordinator in collaboration with our community partners. Students must sign up in advance to participate and space is often limited. We serve together as a group and sometimes staff and/or faculty join us as well. Following each service-learning opportunity, students submit a short reflection on their experience to the Community Engagement Coordinator.

Community Service

Students are required to get 6 hours per semester of community service. This can include serving in your church, community organizations, or other opportunities. Each student is responsible for pursuing these service opportunities on their own. However, below you will find suggestions of places where there is a need, and where you might want to serve!