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Lee Bauder

Operations Manager

More About Lee:

Lee was born into a family of 10 children in an Oklahoma Indian Hospital.  He came to RU in 2011 and his first summer was during the big tornado
when RU ran an emergency distribution center in the gymnasium. Since then he worked as Director of Operations (security, work-study, print shop, book store, maintenance, bursar. ) He also became a student at that time. Lee is now the Operation Manager. Before joining RU, he was the Area Manager of the Food Service Industry for 26 years.

Lee has been married 16 years to Windy Spears and together they have seven children, including one special needs son who he says is “a gift from heaven.” They have been members of Kingsview Free Will Baptist Church for the past 11 years where they teach the two to three-year-olds and are greeters.