Faculty / Staff Directory

Lauren Canaan

Dir, Associate in Arts Program; Supplemental Academic Coord; Instructor, English


ENGL 0000: Reading SAI
ENGL 0010: English Composition I SAI
ENGL 1113: English Composition I
ENGL 1111: Yearbook Editing I
ENGL 1211: Yearbook Editing II
ENGL 3313: Morphology & Syntax of English
ENGL 3513: World Literature I
ENGL 3623: Young Adult Literature
EDUC 4213: Reading in Secondary School Content Areas

About Lauren

Lauren Canaan was born and raised in Norman, Oklahoma and went to the University of Oklahoma graduating in the fall of 2011 to become a high school English teacher.  She went on to teach Freshmen and Sophomores at Norman High School for three years. While teaching she went back to the University of Oklahoma and got her master’s degree in Reading Education with the hopes of becoming a Literacy Coach at the secondary level.  When the opportunity arose for her to teach in higher education, she decided to start teaching at Randall University in the fall of 2016.

Since starting at the university her focus and commitment has been on helping Freshmen students succeed in their mastery of writing and reading.  With that mission, she helped facilitate and start the new remediation courses on campus and implemented the Supplemental Academic Instruction (SAI) courses for English Composition I and Reading.

Lauren is married to Kyle Canaan, a Norman Police Officer.  They have three daughters, Capri, who is ten years old, Cali, who is seven years old, and Carli, who is ten months old.  They also have a household of pets: Rocky, the dog, and three cats, Rupert, Grendel, and Charli.