Faculty / Staff Directory

Hunter Burns

Head Baseball Coach

More About Hunter:

Hunter grew up in Boswell, Ok. and came to Randall University (formerly Hillsdale) in 2012 as a student.
He was active in baseball as a short-stop and was a Resident Assistant and Campus Life. Here at RU, he received
his B.A. in Multi-Disciplinary and her M.A, in Public

He is now Head Baseball Coach after being an assistant coach and student recruiter for three years.
Hunter met Tiffini Dorman at RU and they married in 2016. She was Ex. Secretary to the EX. Vice
President and was the assistant women’s basketball coach. She is not working in public education. They are
expecting their first child in 2021.

Hunter and his wife attend Goldsby Baptist Church.

“Coaching at R.U. is my mission to bring my younger athletes to Christ.”