Faculty / Staff Directory

Cliff Bristow

Director, Financial Aid

About Cliff

Cliff grew up in West Texas. No, he is not a Longhorns fan!  He lives in Yukon with his wife Carolynn and his children. With a wife and five kids ranging in age from 3-21, you can bet he stays pretty busy with helping them solve their everyday life’s problems.  Like, “Do my shoes match my outfit?”, “Dad, can I borrow some money?”, “Dad, can you teach me how to drive?”, and “Daddy, can you watch ‘Frozen’ with me again (and again and again)?”.  In the free time he does have, he is teaching himself how to play the guitar and enjoys reading.

His personal motto’s are that: 1) you reap what you sow and 2) you should always treat others how you would like to be treated.  His goals are to do the very best that he can at all that he does and to learn something new every day.  Most importantly, he knows that he is very blessed and is extremely thankful for Grace.