Faculty / Staff Directory

Dr. Brent Sykes

Academic Dean
Director, Psychology Program
Instructor, Social Studies Education


PSYC 2223: Life-span Developmental Psychology
PSYC 3143: Personality of Psychology
PSYC 3163: Social Psychology
PSYC 3193: Learning and Cognition
PSYC 3323: Educational Psychology
PSYC 4103: Abnormal Psychology
PSYC 4183: Tests and Measurement
PSYC 4353: Research Design
PSYC 4463: Psychology Capstone
PSYC 4903: Special Topics Community Psychology
ECON 4903: Special Topics The Nonprofit Sector
SOCI 2123: Introduction to Sociology

About Brent

Dr. Sykes’s varied professional and academic experiences are a reflection of his vision for a Psychology Program at Randall University that provides students diverse experiences in the classroom. After ten years of experience in mental health as a certified clinical research coordinator and clinical rater, he then obtained his PhD in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies.

His initial training and clinical experience were rooted in the medical model of abnormal psychology. While completing his PhD, he expanded his knowledge base to cross-cultural and community psychology by implementing a pilot learning community for American Indian students in higher education. He was then afforded an opportunity to develop curriculum as part of a $1.72 million grant for a community college program titled “Building a Clinical Research Track in the Health Careers Ladder.” This experience confirmed his desire to become a professor and carve out his unique research path.

Dr. Sykes has published in Adult Learning and Gateways: International Journal of Community Research and Engagement. His current research interests include the application of community psychology principles in communities of faith and historically oppressed communities, especially those that identify as Native American.